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Fluid Metrics is the world’s leading provider of contaminant control and lubricant conditioning solutions to the Air Compressor Industry.  Our award-winning Compressor Oil Purifier with Ion Exchange Acid-Removal Technology is revolutionizing compressor maintenance by targeting the root causes responsible for high compressor maintenance costs.  The innovative COP, along with our advanced 16,000 hour synthetic lubricant and additive supplement concentrate, enable users to slash their compressor maintenance costs, increase reliability, and reduce environmental impact.  Fluid Metrics’ technologies are utilized and endorsed by many of the world’s largest compressor users, and are widely recognized as THE BEST PRACTICE in rotary screw air compressor maintenance.

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Which component of a rotary screw air compressor has the single greatest impact on compressor maintenance costs?

What is the #1 cause of compressor fluid failure and replacement?

What are the three main sources of acids found in rotary screw air compressor fluids?

When a compressor fluid reaches its condemning limit for high acids (TAN), what percentage of the oil has been effected?

Can a compressor fluid be made to remain in service indefinitely?

What is the best method for determining when a compressor fluid has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced?

Why do the compressor OEMs recommend replacing their compressor fluids every 8,000 hours, or once a year?

Which three compressor components are most negatively impacted by solid contaminants found in the oil?


What size solid particles are the most destructive to compressor internals?

What type of compressor maintenance is proven to minimize maintenance costs by maximizing component reliability and service life — Reactive, Preventative (time-based), or Reliability Centered (condition-based)?

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