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Compressor Maintenance Solutions
Compressor Oil Purifier

“The Best Practice”  

in Rotary Screw Air Compressor Maintenance

Fluid Metrics’ award-winning Compressor Oil Purifier (COP) is revolutionizing air compressor maintenance by enabling rotary screw compressor users to slash maintenance costs, and dramatically reduce oil purchases, separator purchases, energy consumption, repairs, downtime and waste disposal. The COP combines Ion Exchange Acid Adsorption with Ultra-Fine Solids Filtration to continuously remove the destructive acids and clearance-size solids that are the root cause of high compressor maintenance costs. By proactively removing the harmful contaminants known to accelerate oil degradation, wear, corrosion and fouling, the COP is guaranteed to increase the service life of expensive synthetic compressor fluids, air-oil separators, oil filters, bearings, shaft seals, oil coolers, thermal valves, and much more.

Three COP models are available for use with any make or model oil-injected rotary screw air compressor, and every COP includes an Installation Kit for quick and easy installation. The COP is proven effective on all types of compressor fluid, and is especially beneficial on short-life Food Grade fluids. Unparalleled cost savings and reliability is why major compressor users from around the world use and endorse the COP as The Best Practice in rotary screw compressor maintenance.

Compressor Oil Purifier

Used and Endorsed by large compressor users worldwide.

Ion Exchange Acid Adsorption Technology

At the heart of the COP is its patented Dual Core cartridge with Ion Exchange acid adsorbing media. The specially prepared ion exchange resin attracts, neutralizes, and removes the harmful acids that accelerate oil degradation, additive depletion, varnish, and corrosion, and reduce the useful life of expensive synthetic compressor fluids, and other vital components.

The Ion Exchange Technology used in the COP has been extensively tested and endorsed by the world’s leading supplier of synthetic compressor fluids, and is proven to dramatically extend fluid service life. Routine oil analysis confirms that controlling acids with ion exchange technology easily produces a 3-5 times increase in compressor fluid service life. And, when used in combination with Fluid Metrics’ Additive Supplement, can increase fluid life to more than 56,000 hours, and counting! You truly may never need to change your compressors’ oil again.

Tested, Proven & Endorsed

By the world’s leading supplier of synthetic compressor fluids.

“Extremely effective at removing acids and extending the service life of synthetic compressor lubricants”

- The Dow Chemical Company

  Makers of Ultra Coolant™ , Sullube™ ...

Ion Exchange Resin

Guaranteed to

Ultra-Fine Solids Filtration

Stainless Steel


Ultra-Fine Filtration

3 micron Absolute

Β3 ≥ 200

Most OEM oil filters only remove solids down to 10 microns “nominal” or around 25 microns absolute (β≥200).  These coarse, full-flow, oil filters are not designed to remove the most destructive “clearance size” solids  (< 5 microns) that accelerate wear and fouling.  Allowed to accumulate, ultra-fine solids increase operation and maintenance costs by reducing the useful life of the compressor’s oil, bearings, separators and seals, while increasing separator pressure drop and energy consumption. The COP dramatically improves upon OEM oil filter performance by using a 3 micron absolute synthetic media, with very high surface area, and strategically placed in a low-flow bypass loop to the compressors main oil circuit.  These unique design features enable the COP to maintain fluid cleanliness (ISO Particle Counts) of in-service compressor fluids at levels cleaner than new fluid straight from the container.

Guaranteed to





# Particles per 100 ml






Particles Size Range (microns)

COP Ultra-Fine Filtration


OEM Std. Filtration

Before COP

ISO code 22/20/17

New Oil

Never in service

ISO Code 18/16/13

COP Ultra-Fine Filtration

After 1 week in service

ISO code 17/15/12






Wear Rates


Each year more than 5 million gallons of compressor fluid, costing users more than $300,000,000 annually, is needlessly replaced as a result of routine, “time-based” oil changes.

Acids and ultra-fine solids are the root cause of compressor fluid and separator replacement, air-end bearing failure, and are the leading cause of high compressor maintenance costs.

Whenever oil analysis indicates a compressor fluid needs to be changed due to high TAN, less than 1% of the oil is acidic, and the remaining 99% is perfectly fit for continued service.

Acids and ultra-fine solids are easily removed from compressor fluids, and when properly controlled, will dramatically increase fluid service life and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Air compressor fluids are the #1 maintenance expense for compressor users, and the   #1 source of profits for Compressor OEMs and their distributors.

OEM compressor fluids have exorbitant mark-ups, often selling to compressor users at more than 400% over cost.

Compressor OEMs don’t offer these cost-saving technologies.  Instead, they continue to promote outdated, time-based maintenance in order to drive sales of high-priced oil and  “consumables”.

Larger solids tend to plug orifices and injection lines, while the smaller ultra-fine “clearance-size” solids are the most destructive —interfering with lubrication, and generating wear.

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Studies from major bearing manufacturers show that improving filtration from 25 microns to 3 microns absolute, can increase bearing life by a factor of 4.

Fine metal solids are catalysts that accelerate oil degradation, additive depletion, and reduce fluid service life.

Ultra-fine solids are the main cause of separator fouling, high pressure drop, and reduced separator life.

When a compressor’s separator reaches its 10 psig recommended change-point, it adds another 5% to the compressor’s energy consumption.

Reducing separator pressure drop by just 3 psig using ultra-fine filtration, can result in savings of nearly $3,500 per year on a 300 HP compressor.

Why Waste Money on Senseless Oil Changes?
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