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Compressor Maintenance Solutions
Compressor Oil Purifier

3 COP Models

COP 10

COP 60

COP 30

Three COP sizes are available for all makes and models oil-injected rotary screw air compressors up to 600 HP.

All COPs utilize interchangeable elements available in two styles for normal and severe, “high acid” applications.

Elements are stacked 1, 2 or 3 high depending on the model.

PE-109-RX Element

For severe applications, or compressors with acid gas ingestion problems, high temperatures, or a history of short fluid life, the high capacity PE-109-RX resin-only element replaces the filtration media with 50% more Ion Exchange resin for greater acid removal capacity, and longer element life.


2 Element Styles


PE-109 Element

For normal applications, the standard PE-109 element combines both Ion Exchange and Ultra-fine filtration technologies to remove destructive acids and clearance-size solids.

Fluid Metrics COP can be used on most all compressor brands and sizes, and OEM synthetic lubricants including:

Ingersoll Rand

  Ultra Coolant™ ,  SSR H-1F™


  Sullube™, SRF1-4000™, Pristine FG™

Gardner Denver


Atlas Copco

  Roto-Xtend Duty™, Roto-Food Grade


  QuinSyn Plus™, QuinSyn PG™, QuinSyn XP™, QuinSyn F™

And many more!

Call if you have questions about your oil.

Installation Kit included

COP Reduces

Oil Purchases

Separator Purchases

Energy Consumption

Maintenance Labor

Major Repairs

Compressor Downtime

Hazardous Waste

“Versatile Design”

“Any Comprssor/Any Fluid”

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