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Compressor Maintenance Solutions
Extended Life Compressor Fluid

Superior Technology      Superior Life      Superior Value!

PuroLube Extended Life Compressor Fluid improves upon the outdated 8,000 hour formulations supplied by the OEMs with its synergistic blend of Polyglycol (PAG) and Polyolester (POE) synthetic base stocks, combined with today’s most advanced additive technologies.  Compared to the overpriced OEM PAG/POE compressor fluids, PuroLube delivers superior performance, service life and value.  PuroLube is formulated for 2 Years or 16,000 hours of continuous service under normal operating conditions, and is guaranteed not to from varnish - even under the harshest conditions.

PuroLube was formulated by the same Dow Chemical Chemist (retired) responsible for Sullair’s Sullube™ and IR’s Ultra Coolant™.  PuroLube is 100% compatible with these and other OEM PAG/POE compressor fluids, so there is no need for a flush, and can be used to top off and fortify inferior OEM fluids.

PuroLube’s state-of-the-art additive package provides superior oxidation and hydrolytic stability which reduces acid production and corrosion, and dramatically increases fluid life.  And for even greater fluid life, PuroLube’s  additive package is available in a unique Additive Concentrate to replenish fluid additives as they become depleted while in service.

So why waste money on outdated OEM fluids that need to be changed every year.  Switch to today’s best lubricant technology available and cut your compressor fluid costs in half, or even more, with PuroLubePLUS Compressor Maintenance System.

Extended Life Compressor Fluid

Advanced PAG/POE Formulation

Formulated by the same Lubricant Chemist responsible for

Sullair’s Sullube™


IR’s Ultra Coolant™

2 Years or

16,000 hours!

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Did You Know?

Compressor OEMs began using synthetic fluids more than 30 years ago.  Despite major advances in lubricant technologies, OEMs continue to supply outdated formulations that need to be changed once a year, or every 8,000 hrs.

Taking Performance and Savings to the Next Level

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OEM Fluids

All air compressor fluids are fortified with essential additives to enhance fluid performance and service life.  During normal compressor operation, these additives continuously deplete to accelerate fluid degradation, acid production, and corrosion.  PuroLubeRX  Additive Concentrate contains the same state-of-the-art additives used in PuroLube and can be added whenever additive levels get low to restore fluid chemistry, performance and protection, and further extend fluid service life.

Additive Concentrate

Compressor fluids don’t wear out, and if properly maintained, can remain in service indefinitely.  The PuroLubeplus Compressor Maintenance System is the ultimate in compressor maintenance  taking  fluid performance and savings to the next level.  The PuroLubeplus system combines PuroLube Extended Life Compressor Fluid, the award-winning COP with Ion Exchange technology, PuroLubeRX Additive Concentrate, and routine oil analysis to deliver unparalleled performance, savings and reliability.

Compressor Oil Purifier
Give Your Oil 
The Boost It Needs!
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OEM compressor fluids have exorbitant mark-ups, often selling to customers at more than 400% over their cost.

OEM fluid sales and profits account for the largest portion of their highly profitable “consumable” parts business.

Compressor OEMs and their distributors are highly motivated to maximize their customers’ fluid purchases.

Compressor OEMs and their distributors are known to withhold new technologies that save their customers money by increasing oil  life and reducing fluid purchases.

The compressor OEMs’ recommendation for “time-based” fluid changes (8,000 hrs. or once a year), is a costly and wasteful practice designed to maximize lucrative oil sales.

Each year more than 5 million gallons of compressor fluid, costing users more than $300,000,000 annually, is needlessly replaced as a result of routine, “time-based” oil changes.

Oil condition monitoring with routine oil analysis is the only way to determine a fluid’s actual in-service condition, and whether or not the fluid needs to be replaced.

Compressor fluids are fortified with essential additives that naturally deplete while in service.  Compressor OEMs could easily offer additive supplements to restore fluid performance, but they would rather sell you more oil.

Compressor fluids don’t wear out, and if properly maintained, can remain in service indefinitely.

A comprehensive strategy that includes state-of-the-art fluid chemistry, contaminant controls, and fluid conditioning technologies, combined with regular oil analysis, is proven to dramatically increase oil service life and minimize compressor maintenance costs.

Compressor Maintenance Cost

PuroLube Plus


OEM Fluid with COP

OEM Fluids

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Compressor Maintenance System

Why Waste Money on Outdated 8,000 hr. Compressor Fluids?
State-of-the-Art 16,000 hr. Fluid Cuts Costs by More than Half!